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The Lessons of Mulching

Taulman Services did a mulching job this past August. Occasionally customers are not fully aware of what a mulching job can taking here in Orlando. For one the landscaping must first be anaylized for any errors- such as an unstable surface, rocks, tree roots, sprinklers etc. in the the existing bed area via visual inspection. After anaylise the area is dug up. This removes all of the landscaping fill dirt and weeds from the area. This process can be painful and is usually the hardest part of the job. The second is to level out the remaining fill dirt and make sure no weeds such a crab or lemon grass that are so penetrative in the landscape down here in Central Florida. The thrid step is to then install the mulch. Mulch from Lowes or Home Depot is not as healthy or long lasting as the fresh mulch we get from our local suppliers. The mulch comes in bright red, brown, light tan, or black colors. We then wheelbarrow the mulch to your new beds. We lay, level, and blow off any remaining debris so your beds look fantastically architectural. Once all is finish we take and send you before and after pictures of your flower beds. The best time in Orlando, FL and Central Florida in general are during the spring and summer. But the beauty of Florida ares such as Casselbury, Maitland, Pinecastle, Belle Isle, Bitlho, Apopka, and even the Villages are that you have their view right in front of your Orlando house. Freshly landscaped…..

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