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Garden Main

Raising garden creations from start to finish, Taulman Services is there to help you if you have been thinking about putting a garden in. Our starter pack consists of either making wall mounted units or rotor-tilling up a garden  creation to your specified size. Then according to your budget we can setup a simple irrigation system running out of your hose lines or upgrade existing sprinkler heads. We then mix in brand new soil and plant the seeds. 6 to 8 weeks later your new garden is a busy place with many hummingbirds and bees flying amount the maturing plants. In 12 weeks harvest time is here is you will be full of free greens for another 3 to 6 months- indefinitely with certain gardens we create for you. If mulching is requested we have 4 types of fresh mulch for you to purchase- red, tan, black, and brown mulch are all available.

  • Building Vegetable, Fruit, Butterfly, or Combination Garden
  • Making framing for wall mounted gardens for houses with small backyards
  • New Flower beds available with 4 types of mulch – red, tan, black, and brown
  • Edging and dirt preparation included in flower bed estimates
  • Using our Soil as it is tests as the cleanest in Central Florida,