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Wodoodporna Lasera Wi Ta Wiat A Led Ogr D Wiat A Laserowego Wiat A Laserowego Projektora

Christmas Lighting service time is always here at Taulman Services.  We specialize in hanging Christmas lights up to 40 feet in the air using a bucket truck so you can work on your gift wrapping. LED lights are quickly replacing traditional diode lights and last up to a 1000 years per bulb in certain hanging arrangements.   Wireless Christmas lights are also available that can connected straight to your laptop with individual bulb control.

New LED Landscape Lighting offers affordable luminescent to night time pathways in dark areas which account for 85% of falls during the night. Upgrade your property value by 2% to 3% with a few hundred dollars on lawn care lighting that will illuminate all of your property’s palm trees, walls, and sidewalks- the top three night time tip hazards.

  • Hanging Christmas Lights of up to 2,000 ft strands
  • Locating Light Boxes and Setting up the Christmas Lighting System
  • Installing Low Voltage Plug-In LED Lighting For Kitchens, Dining Rooms, & Theaters
  • Lawn care Landscaping Lighting Saves Lives!