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In Florida pool screens can last about 7 years till they are completely grey. Replacing pool screen before  is beneficial because after 6 years the pool screen tends to become part of the black/white metal pool framing. Here at Taulman Services we have replaced thousands of feet of screen in the past 4 years of operation. In additional to repairing and replacing pool screen- we also provide services for pool draining and pool cleaning- as well as refinishing of pool decks and pool surfaces.  Have only one crack on a pool tile on an otherwise spotless pool? Time to bring out the books. Repairing pool tile is a specialty- we recommended calling first or emailing a picture of the pool tile to us so we can locate the pieces as assess the complications.

  • Replacing all Pool Screens
  • Adding new pool enclosure hardware on doors and frame
  • Pool Draining and Cleaning
  • Refinishing of Pool Decks and Pool Surfaces
  • Repairing Tile around Pools