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Alot of customers ask for cheaper ways to bring back dead grass or bald soil patches without having to resod. I see many try to seed with results usually worse then before, the seeds have not even been sprouting due to the fact that they could not reach the soil.  Dont be this person. The ONLY way to successfully reseed a yard is to take a metal rake and pull up the dead grass or by using a De-Thatcher.  A De-Thatcher machine is drum with a hundred steal points that acts like a rake raking the soil at 1000rpm. De-Thatching saves on water use as after De-Thatching the water goes to the roots. De-Thaching lalso kills various chinch bugs eating the dead grass and allows new grass to grow into the thatch areas.  If speed is of importance, after dead grass removal we offer several varieties of the purest, cleanest, soil tested sod in Central Florida.

  • Removing Dead Grass in a Yard is Done by a Machine Called a De-Thatcher
  • Average cost to De-Thatch is 1/10 that of getting new sod
  • Save on Pesticide use, water use, kill bugs, and get ride of dead spots in yard by De-thatching once every 3 years
  • Sod Installation of Saint Augustine Flortam &Seville, Bahia, & Zoyseia
  • Receive pallets of the most cleanest sod in Central Florida -lab tested